Friday, July 24, 2009

Making money online

Trying to make money online might seem like a very easy task if you listen to all of the success stories that are swarming the internet. Many of them claim that you can make a ridiculous amount of money with just minimal effort. Here is one rule for the internet, if it sounds to good to be true, then it probably is.
One of the popular scams advertises an easy google biz kit. First thing that people don't realize is that these organizations are in no way associated with google. These websites are usually very colorful and easy to look at. They usually have a lot of success stories on them and they also seem to have A LOT of information on just one page. It's like trying to read a freakin novel in one night. They do this on purpose so that you will skip over some important information that you need to know.
Now, these offers almost always say that they are free. All you have to do is pay the shipping which is usually about 3 or 4 bucks. Sounds like a great deal doesn't it? Well, now they have your credit card information and they won't stop at just that 3 bucks for shipping. What they fail to mention is that if you don't cancel your subscription within 7 days (yes you now have a subscription) then you will be charged a fee of around $80. Oh, and this will be a monthly payment until you cancel. They will claim that you just did not read the fine print on the page when you call them to get your money back. This fine print that they talk about is usually hidden in some way. Sometimes they will make the print so small that you could never have seen it if you were looking for it. Other times they will say that they are going to charge you $80 in the middle of their long novel. But they will make it's print smaller and they will spell out the $80 dollars so you will not recognize it (eighty dollars). I have also seen them use a ghost sceem where you can not see their policy link unless you happen to scroll over it.
Not only will you be charged the money for that company, but the google biz kit people will sign you up automatically for other programs that will charge you monthly. It is very difficult to cancel all of these charges to your account. So if you happen to fall into this trap as I did, my advise is to just go ahead and cancel your credit or debit card, and dispute it through your bank. You will never get anything out of the google biz kit company so don't even waste your time. So just be careful when you are searching for money programs on the internet. Always be skeptical about everything you read. Otherwise you might fall into the same trap that many other hardworking Americans have. Hope this random blog will help someone out there recognize the next internet scam they come across.

Health Care or Hell Care?

I don’t claim to be an expert in any political arena. Like most people, I proudly wave the flag of the ‘Good ole U.S.A.’, but I have more knowledge of history than the current day political shuffle. These past few months and years have been different, however, causing many people like me to get informed and see how the wind is blowing.
When the politicians are proclaiming in their infinite wisdom that they have all the answers with a ‘pie in the sky’ health care plan for everyone in the U.S., at best, I am skeptical. President Obama and Hillary Clinton both ran on this platform and it sounded so good during the campaign, but after 7 months of red tape and Washington bureaucracy, it looks like it amounts to us being given 2 pain killers and a smile. Its unclear, as of right now, if that will include a visit with the doctor, a nurse, or the local councilman.
To do some research on this subject, I looked at other countries who had tried ‘socialized’ medicine and what the results were for those places. You understand, no country has ever had our level of health care in the U.S., so there are no examples to follow on that front. I looked at Canada, Cuba, Mexico, and England for help in what America’s health program will look like in ten years. The answers I received were scary and should be to you too.
In a nutshell, I saw rationing of health care at a large scale. There were still people ‘left out’ of the system, meaning the healthier, wealthier, and wiser still got the best health care. The quality of care went way down, because doctors will not prosper in that system like they do here. It will go from being an honored profession to a poison profession. Finally, it will choose death over life, everytime. That is simple, because a state run health plan HAS to do that, to save money. The bottom line is all that matters.
When you are looking at these plans Washington is throwing out there, my advice is to think about things with your brain, instead of your emotions. Experience shows that things can’t always be as good as it seems. Do things need to be tweaked or changed about our health care system? Yes. Do people get left out of the system? Probably(But not 47 million people). Does this warrant a total overhaul of the system during a time of economic recession? I’m thinking no.
Save your emails calling me a republican or a conservative wackjob. I vote for both parties and have always been open minded in every case. I wrote this to give my unbiased opinion about it, and I want to hear what other people think in the real world. I know what D.C. thinks, let us decide on real reform.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bass Fishing (Being Patient)

Sometimes I believe that this whole world is geared toward having everything that we want immediately. I am the same way. I see something interesting online, then I want it now, not later, now. Fishing seems to be the same way. We all go out fishing wanting to catch a fish immediately. However, many times this will not be the case. Especially for the weekend angler. Fishing on the weekends already puts you at a disadvantage because of all the other fishermen. But then to add to your disadvantage, you go out trying to fish as fast as possible so you can hurry up and catch a fish. Or maybe you try to beat everybody to that great fishing whole. There's nothing wrong with this, but I think sometimes this can hurt our chances of catching fish.Sometimes we should just slow down. I am a firm believer that there are more bass around any fishing location than we will ever know. I just think that they have to be tricked into biting sometimes. Other times they might just kill any lure you throw at them. More often than not, I think that we just overlook bass because they do not bite with our first cast. I have countless stories of when I have casted at one place for up to an hour or more and didn't catch anything. I'm talking about just one little spot that is probably 20 feet wide. But I knew that fish should be there, so I just stayed. And then I was finally rewarded with a 5 lb bass. That has happened so many times I couldn't tell you all of them. I would challenge you that next time you go fishing and you are in a location that you know should have some fish, just try to slow down a little. Try casting at the same location for a while. Just put that trolling motor on low so you will not be tempted to go anywhere and sit. You might just be surprised at what will happen. Hope you enjoyed this not so random blog.


I have never had a coconut, but I know I do not like coconut cake. So i guess i sort of have had a coconut. I have had a slushy cup put inside of a coconut head before. That was probably one of the best slushes I have ever had. Probably because it was 90+ degrees outside. If you ever go to a concert and they have one of those stands selling coconut head slushes, get one for once. Because they are really good. And this has been one of my most random blogs. Hope you did not enjoy it.

Why do you get Migraines?

This blog is for all of you migraine sufferers out there. Hopefully it will help you discover what is causing your particular migraines.
When I was in about 7th or 8th grade, I started getting a lot of migraines. I couldn't do anything when I got these. Usually it would just hurt on one side of my head really bad. Sometimes I would throw up during these because it hurt so bad. As the problems persisted, my parents took me to a doctor to see what was wrong. First thing that they thought was wrong was my allergies. So they put me on some allergy medicine and sent me on my way. Well of course, the headaches continued, so we made our way back to the doctor's office. This time I found myself taking a bunch of test to try to find out what was wrong with my head. Safe to say that all of them turned up negative. So the doctor finally told me to start watching what I eat. Whenever I got a migraine, I would right down what I ate or drank in the past few hours. Come to find out that I was allergic to certain foods. Cheddar cheese was the main culprit (mainly because of my love for macoroni and cheese). The weird thing is that I can eat white cheese. But that cheddar puts me on my knees. The longer that I have kept up with what I eat when I get migraines, the more foods I find that I'm allergic to. Here are just a few that I have found: cheddar cheese, sweet tea, seasoning on fries, spaghetti sauce, milk, onion rings, and a few other things.
So if you are like me and get migraines a lot but can't figure out what is causing them, try watching what you eat. It might just keep you from a lot of miserable nights with all the lights turned off. This has been another random blog that will hopefully help some of you migraine sufferers out there.